Making GQL queries in new appengine dashboard

select the icon at the left


then select datastore from the dropdown


you should now be able to run GQL queries like before

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Steps to setup NES on Rasberry Pi

I have this model of Rasberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB) Basic Starter Kit Includes Raspberry Pi 2 Model B–

To setup NES you need 7-zip and Win32DiskImager

  1. Download Retropie v4.1
  2. Extract using 7-zip. This step should dump out a 2GB file or so
  3. Insert SD card and open Win32DiskImager
  4. Write the file in step 2 to the SD Card
  5. Insert SD card into rasberry pi, plug in ethernet cable, and boot up
  6. Transfer ROMS to NES folder over Ethernet
  7. Might need to restart to see the games

That’s It! No need to format the SD card etc. in case of problems. Just overwrite the image using step 4.

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Failed to load class org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder

Ran into this issue today while trying to run a program from IntelliJ and using SLF4J for logging. pom.xml looked like below:



I was not creating any fat jar. The problem was that IntelliJ was not able to import the

slf4j-simple dependency. To check this goto View -> Tool Windows -> Maven Projects.
Saw red swiggly lines as described in Could not find artifact descriptor.
Downloaded the file manually from and installed it manually by running:

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=/Users/siddjain/Downloads/slf4j-simple-1.6.1.jar -DgroupId=org.slf4j -DartifactId=slf4j-simple -Dversion=1.6.1 -Dpackaging=jar

Now did a reimport in IntelliJ and the error went away

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IntelliJ IDEA: Cannot resolve symbol

Step 1. Check that your Settings (accessed from File -> Settings) match following screenshots or equivalent:





Step 2: Close IntelliJ

Step 3: Delete all .idea directory and .iml files in your repo:

rm $(find . -name *.iml)

rm -r $(find . -name .idea)

will delete all files recursively on mac. On windows use the simpler

dir *.iml /s

dir .idea /s

Step 4: Delete IDEA system directory. On Windows the IDEA system directory is C:\Users\username\.IntelliJIdea2016.2\system

On Mac do:

rm -r ~/Library/Logs/IntelliJIdea15/*

rm -r ~/Library/Caches/IntelliJIdea15/*


First of all you should try File | Invalidate Caches and if it doesn’t help, delete IDEA system directory. Then re-import the Maven project and see if it helps.



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Scenic Places

Valley Of Fire State Park


Red Rock Canyon


Hoover Dam


Butchart Gardens


Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal Entrance


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National Parks



Point Reyes


Muir Woods (can’t find a photo)

North Cascades (can’t find a photo)

Mt Rainier


Olympic National Park


Glacier Bay National Park


Liberty National Park


Thomas Edison National Park


Paterson Great Falls National Park


Crater Lake


Glacier National Park


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Glacier National Park


8/26/16 Drove from Seattle to Coeur ‘d Alene. Took 5 hours. This was the first time I was in Eastern Washington. There is a big field of wind mills by the Columbia River and also a Scenic Viewpoint (recommend). Ate dinner at Bonsai (recommend) and stayed at Super 8 motel.

8/27/16 Drove from Coeur ‘d Alene to West Glacier. Took 5 hours. Did half day white water rafting with Glacier Raft Co. The river was very calm and did not have many rapids. The guide was nice but overall did not enjoy the rafting trip very much. Felt it was too long (about 4 hours). Butt got sore. Had dinner at Belton Chalet. Had a unusual fetuccine pasta that had cauliflowers in it. Would not recommend the place considering the $$$. Stayed at Motel Lake McDonald. Bathroom was very tiny but other than that accommodation was okay – in fact one advantage of staying at the motel is that the car could be parked right outside the room and it was very easy to make trips to the car to get stuff out every now and then.

8/28/16 Breakfast at Lake Mc Donald Lodge. Drove Going to the Sun road all the way to Many Glacier and did 3 hikes along the way: Trail of Cedars, Avalanche Lake and Hidden Lake Overlook. Stopped at St. Mary’s Visitor Center and saw an educational video on history of GNP. Avalanche Lake hike was reminiscent of Little Si. The lake is beautiful. Highly recommended. Difficulty Level 5.98. Hidden Lake Overlook is reminiscent of Skyline Trail in Mt rainier. Its advertised as 2.7 miles roundtrip but felt very much like 2.7 miles one way! The alpine meadows were beautiful. Highly recommended. Comparing Avalanche Lake and Hidden Lake Overlook it felt as if the journey of Hidden Lake Overlook was better whereas Avalanche Lake trumped in the destination. Had dinner at Lake Mc Donald Lodge.

8/29/16 Drove all the way from Lake McDonald Lodge to Seattle stopping at Coeur ‘d Alene for lunch at Craft (recommend). Entire drive spanning 550 miles takes about 10 hours if you account for 100-120 minutes in rest breaks.

A great and very pleasant vacation overall with first time driving to Eastern Washington.

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